The book focuses on the technical aspects of makeup, describing the makeup artist in a new role, namely the role of an important image technician. The required adaptation of the makeup techniques and the necessity of using new textures and colors for the makeup materials are presented in the context of HD technology, not merely as a statement of fact, but underpinned with practical technical explanations. Concerning the camera technology these explanations cover the difference of high definition and standard definition television, “normal” video cameras and “raw” cameras, 4k and HD resolution and even the challenges of stereoscopic “3D” movies. Along elaborate descriptions of how-to overcome the unforgiving view of high definition digital cameras, new makeup materials are presented and their application explained. An enclosed DVD including high resolution movie files illustrates clearly that HD is all about mastering the basics, i.e. color theory and volume theory. HD requires a concentrated, minimalistic mode of procedure.

Book Content
- General introduction
  -  New materials
     - New makeup techniques
            I.  Airbrush versus classical makeup
            II. Makeup the classical way.

Four basic rules for makeup with HD

1.  Neutralize rather than cover
2.  Makeup warmer
3.  Soften volume and contrasts
4.  "counter-pixelling"

- A dialogue between makeup department and director of photography about the production
   of the 4k movie “Luvbot”
- A brief excursus on the theory of colors

Questions you’ll find answered in this book:

  • Do I have to use airbrush for HD ?
  • Do I really need new materials for HD or is just about money-making ?
  • Do I need new brushes for “HD makeup” ?
  • Why get faces so easily grey in a TV studio ?
  • Why is the color temperature of my makeup mirror lights so important ?
  • Why should there be a new color theory/model for makeup ?
  • What is the actual difference between SD and HD ?
  • What does “HDready” mean ?
  • What is the difference between HD and 4k ?
  • Why was analogue film more forgiving than HD, even when it’s about
    the same resolution ?
  • What’s the impact of the aspect ratio ?
  • Do I really see HD from where I’m watching TV ?
  • Why do 3D movies look so dark ?
Short Information
Pages 67
Contributors Dirk Meier: Colorist/Digital Artist ("Antichrist" from Lars von Trier)
Publisher Self-Publishing
Other It would be great to see this book entering the training and educational establishments for the next generation makeup artists.


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