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This book is meant for makeup artists working mainly in film and TV. But also for camera men who would like to learn more about the make- up artist’s work. I often noticed a certain sense of insecurity about the camera technology in the makeup department. I was repeatedly asked to produce some written information where all the details would be explained. The contemporary HDTV age constitutes a revolution. It is becoming increasingly clear that our profession not only serves the purpose of beauty, but that over the course of time the makeup artist has become not only a craftsman and artist, but also an "image technician" required to fulfil ever higher demands. If you don't want to be faced with difficulties, you now have to acquire the technical know-how. No longer can you rely solely on your intuition, the sense of color and your experience. Not even the own eye – otherwise you will be lost in this highly technical process. More than ever we have to seek dialogue with our colleagues behind the camera and the lighting department. It is essential that we learn the language of modern technology, as this is the base for any communication on set or in the studio. In order to better understand the enormous importance of this aspect, it is necessary to explain the correlation between the technical developments in the motion picture and TV industrie and the necessity of change in our profession since it has existed in this form. Given that the work of the makeup artists will be increasingly in focus, the more important it is, that we consider the precise image that present-day technology produces without you having any chance of correcting live images with a Photoshop- like tool, during the broadcast. Enclosed within the book is a DVD to illustrate the aspects of makeup for HD explained in the text. This book represents a challenge not only to makeup departments, but also to decision-makers, to ensure that further training is promoted in order to be able to master this highly complex technology better and better


           Author: Isabelle Voinier
                                                                                                  © Isabelle Voinier| Impressum
I. Voinier
Book / DVD
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